Upper Mustang Trek - 17 days

Upper Mustang Trek
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Group Size: Min 2 Pax

Duration: 17 days

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17 days
Max. Elevation
Group size
Min 2 Pax
Private Car, Flight, and Bus
Best Season
June to November March to June
  • 3* Hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Basic tea house Lodge during the trek.
  • Breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
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Trip Route
Jomshom-chaile-Lo mangtang -Ghami-Chuksang-Jomsom


    • Start with exploring Kathmandu valley-the city of arts, cultures, and traditions. 
    • Take a scenic bus drive to Pokhara- the city of lakes and mountains. 
    • Enjoy a swift and scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom and back. 
    • Go through the diverse landscapes and collect the great views of diverse landscapes. 
    • Collect the best views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges.
    • Explore Lo Manthang- the last forbidden kingdom of Nepal. 
    • Visit the old Buddhist monastery of Lo Grek- made in the 8th century. 
    • Explore the 12th cave monastery and get to know about its history.
    • Create a lifetime experience with Adventure A One Trek. 

Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang trek area is locked north of Tibet and to the south by the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges. It is one of the wonderful places to visit to collect a lifetime experience.  

Upper Mustang, also known as Lo-Manthang, is a remote and isolated area in Nepal that lies close to the Tibetan plateau. It is known for its breathtaking scenery its traditional Tibetan tradition, and the old walled city of Lo-Manthang.

It is a desert-like topography that is the home of a distinctive Tibetan culture and the Tibetan language. Its residents are mostly descendants of Tibetan immigrants. As such, Upper Mustang is sometimes called the last surviving pocket of the traditional Tibetan tradition.

The old city walled by Lo-Manthang is the most important settlement in the Annapurna region. It's an active museum where the old-fashioned style of living, architecture, and culture are preserved. This city is protected by four stone walls. It is also the only city located in Upper Mustang with the right to create a currency of its own.

Upper Mustang is also home to some of the most stunning mountains in the world. It is also home to its Mustang Himal, a range of mountains that lie along the frontier with Tibet. The highest point of this range is Nilgiri peak which is situated at an elevation of 7,200m. Other peak ranges within the region include the Tilicho Peak as well as that of the Damodar Himal and the Annapurna Range.

The area includes many old Buddhist monasteries. The most well-known among them is Thubchen Gompa, which is the most famous. Thubchen Gompa, which dates from the 14th century. The monastery is operating to this day and is among the few places where one can still observe the ancient Tibetan Buddhist rituals.

Upper Mustang Trek is a region rich in tradition and history. It is a favorite place for trekkers and tourists who want to familiarize themselves with a different and undiscovered experience. It's a great spot to discover the ancient Tibetan tradition, experience breathtaking mountain views, and get to know the distinctive way of life of Tibetans in the region.

Upper Mustang Trek is an adventurous trip that will take you deeper into the mysterious and rich world of Upper Mustang. Located in the north-central area located in the north-central region of Nepal, Upper Mustang is an old kingdom and was a restricted area that has been open to foreigners since 1992.

Upper Mustang trekking can be described as a high-altitude desert situated at an elevation that is 3,810 meters (12,500 feet) above sea level. This trek gives you the chance to learn about the distinct lifestyle, culture, and way of life that the inhabitants of Mustang. The trek begins at Jomsom which is a tiny town located in the lower Mustang district within Nepal.

On a Mustang hike, you'll be able to discover the old walled city in Lo Manthang, and the old Buddhist monasteries in Chooser as well as Ghar Gompa. It is also a chance to get to know the unique lifestyle and customs of people in Mustang. Upper Mustang Trek is suitable for trekkers of all types from beginners to advanced. It's perfect for those looking for a remote, adventurous hike.

With its stunning views and unique culture, Upper Mustang Trek is going through the Lower Mustang and it is an unforgettable trip as well as ideal for people looking to discover the hidden and unexplored regions of Nepal.

We are at Adventure A one Trek, we provide experienced guides, top-quality services, and all the assistance you require to help you make the most of your Upper Mustang Trek lifetime adventure.

Our knowledgeable guides will assist you to discover this region of Mustang Region securely and comfortably. We also offer excellent accommodation and delicious meals to make your trekking experience more enjoyable.

upper Mustang Trek Route

The trek begins from the town of Pokhara and then passes through the charming village of Kagbeni situated with an elevation of 2,800m (9,200 feet). The Mustang Trek route takes you along through the Kali Gandaki River, which is the deepest gorge of a river in the world, ending up in the Mustang Valley.

The trek continues to Muktinath, the holy place for both Hindus as well as Buddhists. In this area, you can go to Muktinath Temple. Muktinath Temple and then take a dip in the holy water of 108 springs. After Muktinath, the trek continues through Jomsom which is a charming town located at the foot of the Nilgiri Mountains. The upper Mustang trek is a kind of adventure activity than other treks in Nepal.

The trek will then pass through the high-altitude desert that is Upper Mustang before concluding in the border town of Lo Manthang. In this area, you can discover the city's ancient walls, palaces, and the 14th century of the previous kingdom of Mustang.

Upper Mustang Trek is an extraordinary adventure through the High Himalayas and offers you an unrivaled experience of the customs and culture that are the heritage of the Tibetan people. It's an unforgettable moment and will be remembered by your memories.

Best Season

The best time to trek the Upper Mustang Trek is from April to June, and September through November.

April to June and August to November is the best time for the Upper Mustang trek because the Upper Mustang is rain shadow, and the environment is very nice and proper for long hikes. Around this time it is conceivable to see clear skies and outstanding views of the magnificent Himalaya ranges like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Tilicho, Nilgiri, and many small Peaks. The temperature is small and sunny days make trekking enjoyable and beautiful.

The months of September through November are a fantastic time to go trekking through Upper Mustang as the monsoon rains are over and the sky is free of clouds. The temperature in this season is mild, and ideal for hiking.

Upper Mustang is an offbeat destination, and it is best to hike during peak months for the most enjoyable experience. It is also important to bring suitable clothing and other essential things when trekking through the Mustang Valley.

Trek Difficulty

Upper Mustang Trek is recognized as one of the toughest treks on Earth. It is situated in the mountainous remote region of the northern region of Nepal which makes it an exhausting adventure. The terrain is rocky and steep and the elevation of the trek is quite high between 3,500 and 5500 meters above sea level. It involves crossing multiple rivers.

The trekking route starts from Lower Mustang and takes you through a variety of towns, monasteries, and seasons to trek to the Upper Mustang Trek, which runs from mid-April through mid-November. The typical time of the hike is between 10 and 13 days.

The trek also has some passes, such as one called the Dhakmar Pass, which is 4,770 meters above sea level. It is considered the highest point within the Mustang region. Due to the altitude, many trekkers suffer from altitude-related sickness on their treks.

Weather on the Upper Mustang Trek is unpredictable and the temperature can plummet dramatically in the evening. Trekkers must also contend with rainy days and strong winds making the trek much more challenging. Overall, the Upper Mustang Trek is difficult and rewarding, only those who have experience in trekking should take on the trek.

Food and Accommodation

The food and accommodation within the Upper Mustang are usually in homes, which offer fascinating and unique experiences. The homes are cozy and clean. In addition, the residents are friendly and friendly. You will be able to experience the traditional life that is the lifestyle of Mustang people as well as the local tradition.

The homes are basic but have all the essential amenities needed for an enjoyable stay. There is also the option of a camping option at Upper Mustang. Camping is an excellent chance to practice the nature of the region and to be closer to the natural world. It's also an endless way to save money on the cost of a room.

The campgrounds are generally situated near villages, which means you'll still have the opportunity to be immersed in the local tradition. Upper Mustang Trek is a fantastic adventure, and you'll be able to witness the beauty and richness of the area. Be sure to book the most comfortable accommodation possible for the best enjoyment of your trip.

Mustang Trek Cost

Upper Mustang trek cost will be created on the duration of the trek as well as the number amount of days you will be on the hiking trail of the mountain, as well as the type of lodging you select. The cost for the trek ranges from USD 1651 to $2,990 for 2023-2024 any necessary things and renting costs are not in this budget. 

This includes meals, accommodation guides, porters, flights from Pokhara and Jomsom, and all the necessary permits. To get a more immersive experience, consider tea house accommodations that cost between $50 and $75 per stay. This Trekking gives you the chance to be involved with local people and learn about their culture and traditions in person.

Along with the expense of a hike, you will also have to take into account the cost of your necessary permits.  Trek will cost around $500 per person in 2024/2025.

Important Note

The Itinerary can be customized to your need and the primary piece of gear for day hiking is about 15/20 Liter. you can keep your personal belongings in this bag. and for the Upper Mustang trekking if you have a short time you can do an overland tour to the Upper Mustang. 

Trip Itinerary

Upon your arrival at Kathmandu International Airport, you will be welcomed by our representative. You will be then transferred to the hotel. Later, you can take a good rest or walk around the local market in your free time. 

  • Accommodation at: 3-star hotel on a twin/double sharing basis.

After the early breakfast, you will be taking a scenic drive to Pokhara. The route to Pokhara includes some small to larger settlements, green hills, the Trishuli River plus occasional views of the mountains. There will be several breaks for the food/drinks and the toilet. After checking into the hotel; you can go for an evening walk around Phewa Lake. The sunset view from the lakeside looks stunning. For the food and drinks, you can find so many good options in Lakeside. 

  • Food: Breakfast Included.
  • Accommodation at: 3-star hotel on a twin/double sharing basis.

With an early morning flight, you will be arriving at Jomsom airport. You enjoy the greater views of the mountains during the flight. Upon arriving at Jomsom, you will be starting the journey to Kagbeni. The journey to Kagbeni from Jomsom is through a windy and rough terrain. Kagbeni is one of the most beautiful villages in Annapurna with a unique culture and traditions. The gateway to Upper Mustang, you can enjoy exploring the wonderful village in your free time. You will be staying overnight at a local teahouse.  

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

Passing through the beautiful village of Tangbe, you will be heading towards Chaile for the night. Along the way, you will get the chance to go through the barley fields, apple farms, and other farmland. Upon crossing the Chhuksang village, you will pass a stream to reach the destination of the day. You will be staying overnight at a local lodge. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

Like other days, the trek starts after breakfast. The morning walk leads towards a beautiful village of Samar, then to a gorge. Upon crossing the gorge, you will be reaching a wonderful chorten. The route then follows and passes the stream to reach Syangmochen top. You will be then taking a downhill route to get to Gelling for the night. You will be staying overnight at a local teahouse. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

Following the wonderful path of viewing the stunning landscapes and some mountain views, you will be trekking to Dhakmar today. In Dhakmar you will get the chance to visit one of the oldest monasteries of Lo Gekar Monastery. It was built by the great Guru Rinpoche back in the 8th century. You can go around and explore the wonderful monastery. You will be staying overnight at a local teahouse. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

The walk starts with a short downhill towards the Charangchu river then it diverted into an uphill climb to reach a ridge passing the wonderful village of Tholung. The trail then progresses towards a large chorten which is in between Tsarang and Lo. The final section of the walk towards Lo Manthang includes a high pass of 3850 meters, you will then further be climbing towards Lo Manthang village. Lo Manthang is one of the most beautiful places to be during the whole trip. You will be staying overnight at a local teahouse. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

This is our ultimate destination for this trip that's why we went to a take one-day rest. day Tenth will be exploring around the exciting Lo-Manthang village and hiking to Chhuser cave. The Lo-Mangthang village with more the one hundred and fifty households is one of the kingdoms. The village has several monasteries, and Chhortens and has a beautiful palace inside it. The exploration of the village also offers to witness the traditions and cultures followed by the people and the religion they are practicing. Also, the exploration of the city allows getting closer ideas of the connection between Mustang and Tibet in the past and the present. You will be staying overnight at a local lodge. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis

One of the exciting days, today, you will be trekking to Yara Gaon via Lo La pass. Elevated at 3950 meters above sea level, the Lo La Pass is an easy yet interesting pass. Upon passing the wonderful pass you will be getting to Yara Gaon for the night. You will be staying overnight at a local teahouse. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

The day is dedicated to exploring the village. You will be doing a short hike to Luri Gompa from Yara. Yara is a beautiful 12th cave monastery. You can visit the fantastic places before getting back to Yara for the night. You will be staying overnight at a local lodge. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

After the early morning breakfast, you will be trekking to Tanggye this day. Following an easy trekking trail with good views of landscapes and mountains, you will be getting to Tanggye, which is a beautiful village in the hills with good views of mountains. You will be staying overnight at a local lodge. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

Following the wonderful views of mountains and the landscapes, you will be trekking to Chuksang today. The trek through the Kali Gandaki Valley is a fabulous journey. Upon reaching Chuksang, you will be staying overnight at a local lodge. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

You will be taking a downhill route to get back to Jomsom. Jomsom is the headquarters of the Mustang region. You can explore the local village in your free time. You will be spending the night at a local lodge. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Included.
  • Accommodation at: local lodge twin/double sharing basis.

With an early morning flight, you will be getting to Pokhara. In Pokhara, you can do half-day sightseeing to explore Phewa Lake, Devis Falls, and Gupteshwor Cave. In the evening, you can collect a good sunset view from Phewa Lakeside. 

  • Food: Breakfast, Included.
  • Accommodation at: 3-star hotel twin/double sharing basis.

Collecting the great memories of the Ghorepani trek, you will be driving back to Kathmandu this day. In the evening, you can walk around the local bazaar. Then you can prepare your luggage. You will be then staying overnight at a hotel. 

  • Food: Breakfast Included.
  • Accommodation at: 3-star hotel on a twin/double sharing basis.

After an amazing week in Nepal, you will be transferred to Kathmandu airport to catch your return flight home. Our representative will be helping you to transfer to the airport, with the hope of seeing you again in Nepal.  “PHERI BHETAULA”. 

  • Food: Breakfast Included.

Not satisfied with this itinerary? Make your own.


    • The airport picks up and drops off by a private vehicle.
    • 3-star hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara with breakfast on a twin/double sharing basis. 
    • Kathmandu sightseeing with private transportation and a guide. 
    • Transportation (Kathmandu to Pokhara, Pokhara to Kathmandu) by tourist bus.
    • Flight (Pokhara to Jomsom and Jomsom to Pokhara)
    • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit (ACAP) and special trekking permits for Mustang trek
    • Experienced trekking guide(s) and his/her expenses during the trekking including their insurance. 
    • Porter(s) during the trek and their all expenses including insurance.
    • Three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) a day during the trek and complimentary tea/coffee. 
    • Teahouse accommodation on a twin/double sharing basis during the trek. 
    • First aid kit carried by the guide with essential medicines. 
    • All the government taxes. 

Doesn't Include

    • International airfare, Travel Insurance, Nepal Visa Fees
    • Food in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
    • Beverages, laundry, and any other personal expenses during the trek. 
    • Anything is not mentioned in the inclusion list. 
    • Tips for Guide and Porters. 


    Trekking Map,  Welcome and Welfare Dinner in Nepali cultural dance shows restaurant, A One Trek company logo print T-shirt, and Trekking Certificate of Adventure A One Trekking company.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Upper Mustang is one of the restricted areas of Nepal, at one time closed for outside visitors, opened in 1992. Interested travelers can enter Upper Mustang from Kagbeni village onwards to Lo Manthang, the former forbidden walled kingdom. Where all trekkers require to obtain a special permit, the fee is more than another normal trekking region. so, after taking a special permit you can enter the forbidden land.

The native of Upper Mustang is known as Lobas and the people of Lo as related to Upper Mustang and Lo-Manthang. Follows strong Buddhism religion and culture similar to their Tibetan predecessors across the border. Also practice Bon cult, a pre-Buddhism, an ancient religion, worship of nature and mountain spirits.

On treks to Upper Mustang, one can notice rows of prayer walls and spinning wheels. Probably the longest Mani walls in Nepal and in the whole Himalayas, as well as visiting monasteries and places of cultural interest.

For interested people with limited time in Nepal and who can take a four-wheel drive in a local jeep or similar vehicle. As the motorable road has reached as far to Nepal and Tibet / China border near high Karo-La pass. Can take a drive to Lo-Manthang taking less than a week, having overnight stops in a few interesting villages on the route. But the road is quite a dusty dirt road, leads over several passes and a narrow gorge. Driving between a high canyon and windblown towering eroded cliff, but a very scenic place to travel and to gain great experience.

Yes, Upper Mustang is an extension that looks like  Tibet, one of the vast and highest South Western plateaus of Tibet. 90 % of the area is a mountainous desert with sparse vegetation and few trees around villages with green crops. Although barren and arid desert landscapes, but one of the most picturesque countries, a true heaven for photographers.

The whole Kaligandaki River from Tatopani, Ghasa to Jomsom and onwards to Upper Mustang till Karo-La Pass. It Falls within the Old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Route of Nepal & Tibet, where trade still exists at present. But in smaller ways, than it used to be in the early days when Tibet was not annexed by mainland China.

Upper Mustang the restricted area starts and ends at Kagbeni village. Which is a few hour's walks from Jomsom the headquarters town of the whole Mustang district. one path leads to Muktinath Hindu religious place and one path leads to the Restircated area Lomang-thang.

Read more FAQs

Best Upper Mustang trek at a reasonable cost!!

I recently went on the Upper Mustang Trek with Adventure A One Treks, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. The cost was very reasonable and the service was top-notch. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The views were stunning, and the trek was an adventure of a lifetime. I highly recommend Adventure A One Treks for anyone looking for an amazing trekking experience at an affordable price. 5 stars!

Upper Mustang Trek
Julie N. Rasmussen
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