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Suggested Equipment List

Equipment of Trekking
Clothing and equipment play vital roles to make an adventure holiday experience great. Generally, we recommend not carrying heavy and lots of stuff and don't miss the essentials. Such needy equipment may differ according to the duration of the holiday, grade of trekking, level of winds/snows/glaciers, and so on.
The following required equipment lists are required for tea house lodge trekking as well as tented camp. Follow the lists as a basic fundamental – some of the equipment can also hire or purchase in Kathmandu before beginning the trek.

Upper Body:
 One T-shirt Icebreaker Merino 150 or lightweight 200.
 Two long Icebreaker Merino 150 or lightweight 200 shirts.
 One polar fleece pullover, medium weight.
 One polar fleece jacket.
 One Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable jacket with a large hood to accommodate a climbing helmet.
 Lightweight down jacket for chilly days in base camp or warm layer when stopping for short breaks.
 One very warm goose-down (duvet) jacket with a hood or a down/duvet suit if you prefer, for high altitude use.

 One pair of lightweight poly-liner gloves. These will be worn when tying knots, but not inside your mitts
 One pair of mittens consist of 1 Goretex over mitt matched with the very warm polar fleece mitt liner

 Warm hat wool or synthetic that covers your ears
 Scarf or neck sleeve
 Face mask
 Ball cap or brimmed sun cap
 Glacier Sunglass with side shields
 One pair of ski goggles (optional with light and dark lens)
 Bandana or head scarf, useful for dusty conditions

Lower Body:
 Icebreaker Merino 150 underwear briefs
 One pair of walking shorts
 One pair of walking trousers for trekking and around camp
 Two pair Icebreaker Merino 150 or lightweight 200 thermal bottoms
 One pair of Icebreaker Merino 200-weight thermal bottoms
 One pair of polar fleece trousers
 One pair of Gore-Tex trousers or bibs. Waterproof/breathable with full side zips
 One pair of Goose-down (duvet) trousers or bibs. You may prefer a down (duvet)

 One pair One-Sport Millet Everest Overboots or equivalent (with Aveolite liners; good quality plastic shells with inner boots; avoid tight fit with heavy socks.)
 One pair of sturdy leather or synthetic (Gortex) hiking boots with good ankle support for the walk to advanced base camp
 One pair of cross-trainers, running shoes, and/or sandals for Kathmandu and in camp
 One pair down booties (optional)
 Two pairs of med-heavy poly or wool socks
 Two Pairs of liner socks. Polypropylene or wool
 Vapor barrier liner socks or plastic bread-bags
 Two pairs of lightweight trekking socks, poly or wool
 Light Icebreaker Merino wool or cotton socks for in town.
Travel and Sleeping Gear
 Rucksacks and Travel Bags; One medium rucksack (50-70 litters / 3000-4500 cubic inches, can be used for airplane carry).
 Two large (120 L / 7500 cubic inches) duffle kit bags for clothing and equipment. Must be durable for use on pack animals.
 Small padlocks for duffel kit bags.
 Medical & Personal:
 Sunscreen: SPF 30 or higher, non-oily (Dermatone or Terrapin)
 Lip screen: SPF 30 or higher, any brand

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