Manaslu Trek Vs. Annapurna Trek

Trekking In Nepal 

When it comes to long-distance Himalayas trekking in Nepal, there are two very famous treks. One is the Everest Base Camp Trek, going up to the highest mountain's base and back down the same way. The other is the Annapurna Circuit, going all the way around the Annapurna Mountain Range. These treks are well-known for their beautiful views and challenging paths.

But there's another trek worth considering: the Manaslu Circuit Trek. In this blog post, we'll compare the Manaslu Circuit Trek with the Annapurna Circuit Trek to figure out which one is the better choice. We'll look at the landscapes, difficulties, and amazing experiences you can have on these paths. Whether you're an experienced trekker or a beginner, deciding between the Manaslu and Annapurna Circuits may not be easy. Let's explore these trails and find out which one offers the best trekking experience in Nepal.

Immerse yourself in a diverse tapestry of landscapes, from lush forests to remote terrains, offering an unparalleled journey through untouched beauty. Marvel at breathtaking mountain vistas and conquer high passes soaring beyond 5000 meters in altitude. Unlike the more popular Annapurna circuit, the Manaslu Circuit remains a well-kept secret, providing a sense of remoteness and pristine allure. The Manaslu circuit trek presents a comparable challenge to the renowned Annapurna and Everest trails, yet it stands out with its untouched charm and wonders, reminiscent of the Annapurna Circuit from a decade ago. Embark on an extraordinary trekking experience, where every step unveils the raw and unspoiled beauty of the Manaslu region.

Total Duration of Treks

It will take about 14 to 16 days to conquer Manaslu Circuit Trek, covering around 177 kilometers. Manaslu Circuit Trek is especially known for its quiet and sound trails with a long journey to wish for. Not only will this trek be your entertainment quota but a way to move forward and learn further about the geography of the land and the local culture you get along with here. On the other hand, the Annapurna Circuit Trek usually takes 18 to 21 days, covering about 230 kilometers. It's a bit longer than the Manaslu Circuit Trek because the Annapurna arena is bigger, with a variety of landscapes like subtropical forests, green alpine meadows, and dry areas. Trekkers on this route get the chance to explore different natural structures and experience diverse cultures.

Experience from Treks

One who loves being in solitude will love being here. The Manaslu circuit trek has its glory of nature whispering to the ears of the adventurous trek. To start the trek, you'll need to take a long drive from Kathmandu to reach the trailhead. Special permits are required being the area restricted. The trail includes challenging terrains and high-altitude passes, so a moderate to high level of physical fitness should be opted for. Along the route, you'll find basic teahouses with special and comfortable accommodations, but with simpler facilities compared to more popular trekking areas. 

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is thought to be easier in comparison to the Manaslu Circuit. You can reach the starting point with easy transport from Pokhara. The trek goes through different places like villages, forests, and high mountains. Even though some parts might be a bit hard, it's generally easier to do because the path is well-known, and there are good facilities. Many people think the Annapurna Circuit Trek is easier to reach because it has simpler transportation and a well-known path. When deciding between two treks, it's important to think about your personal choice, how fit you are, and whether you want a remote or popular trek.

On the way to the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the comfy tea houses where you rest, provide basic accommodation with facilities that might not be as luxurious as those found in more popular trekking regions. In contrast, the Annapurna Circuit Trek offers a wide range of accommodations, such as teahouses and lodges with advanced facilities. In the dense parts of the route, you might even find more luxurious options for a comfortable night's rest.   

Manaslu Circuit Trek is less frequently visited by trekkers due to its safety reasons. That is why it is suggested to have a guide. Annapurna Circuit possesses well-maintained safety measures, marked trails, and a greater number of visitors, which enhance safety. Manaslu Circuit trek is less crowded so visitors get an opportunity to enjoy its peaceful environment. Gurung, Magar, and Thakali committee people in the Annapurna circuit trek attract visitors. High altitude passes, low excess to the facility, and requirements for physical fitness and adaptation make the Manaslu circuit trail challenging. Contrarily the Annapurna Circuit presents medium-level difficulty through different landscapes such as forests and high-altitude deserts.


Eventually, the choice for one of the treks is mainly dependent on personal preferences. thus, Manaslu appealing to those seeking a remote, culturally immersive experience, and the Annapurna Circuit trek serves those desiring a more diverse cultural encounter with established facilities and safety measures.

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