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"Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty" 

Get ready for an amazing adventure as we explore the wonders of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. It's a place where the beauty of nature and rich culture come together. Imagine having the world's eighth-highest peak, Manaslu, as the stunning background for our journey. This trek offers an experience that goes beyond the usual. Let’s uncover the map of this magical adventure, revealing the daily highlights, breathtaking mountains, green landscapes, and fascinating cultural treasures that are waiting for us.


Manaslu Circuit Trek is the show topper, mouth opener, and soul-satisfying journey to travel for. This blog will make you walk through the trek step by step. Although there are no words to explain the beauty of the trek, going through the day-to-day itinerary, you will get exposed to the trek through words. You will need to know the map and the daily happenings and situations of the Manaslu circuit trek.


Manaslu trek map routeways

Usually, the trek appears as the 17-day-long adventure escape which begins and concludes in the Kathmandu valley itself. The route follows you to the complete ethereal of the Manaslu region.


You will need to start with a drive away to Soti Khola from the valley. It will take near to 8 hours for the exciting Himalayan highway ride to start the trek. Well, after reaching Sotikhola, your next stop for a walk would be maccha khola, after the trek of around 7 hours.


The very next day you will reach Jagat, most aware walking through the jungle in the hope of glancing at beautiful animals and birds, then heading on to the sides of the electric rivers, in continuation to that you will walk by Deng, Namarung, Shya, Samagaon, and Samdo, Before Larky La Pass.


So followed stops forms the Manaslu circuit trek route. Every stop will have a facility of rest or accommodation. At the ultimate point of time, the Manaslu circuit trek route will reach Larkya La Pass, which is the highest point of all. After the mountain passes, the returning journey starts. The Manaslu Circuit trek will start through Bimtang, Dharapani, and Syange. In this way, the completion of the whole circuit will be done.


Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at the Kathmandu Valley

You reach the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. You can check for your accommodation and acclimatize to the new surroundings.


Day 2: Explore the valley

Kathmandu is no doubt of attracting tourists so, you can visit Kathmandu for a day and throughout you can obtain your necessary permits for the trek.


Day 3: To Sotikhola

Your journey starts from the drive to the Sotikhola with the exposure of passing through landscapes.


 Day 4: Trek to the Machha khola

Your trek towards the side of the machha khola and along the way you will experience the local culture and landscapes.


Day 5: Trek to Jagat

You will need to continue the trek to Jagat where you stop by and encounter the diverse terrains and charming villages.


Day 6: Trek to Deng

Walk through the dense forest and charming hamlets and you stop to Deng village.


Day 7: Trek to Namrung

You put yourself in a higher altitude as you move higher, heading towards Namrung, and enjoying the mountain views.


Day 8: Trek to Samagaon

A picturesque village Samagaon, will spray their local culture and hospitality to you.


Day 9: Acclimatization in Samagaon

You will rest here and will get a chance for the optional side trips.


Day 10: Trek to Samdo

You will witness here the mountain vistas and the landscapes.


Day 11: Trel to Dharamsala( Larkya phedi)

You will here get prepared for the Larkya La Pass.


Day 12: Cross Larkya La Pass, Trek to Bimthang

You will reach the highest point throughout the journey and descend back to Bimthang where you will be surrounded by stunning scenery.


Day 13: Trek to Tilije

You continue to Tilije experiencing the varied landscape and local culture.


Day 14: Trek to Tal

You trek through the villages to reach Tal and enjoy the surroundings.


Day 15: Trek to Syange, Drive to Besisahar

You will end your trek at Syange, Besisahar.


Day 16: Return to Kathmandu

Drive back to the valley.


The Manaslu Circuit Trek transcends mere trekking; it evolves into a transformative journey through a realm where majestic peaks, verdant landscapes, and age-old traditions intersect. No wonder other circuits will provide the same but none like the Manaslu Circuit trek does with its challenges and beauty. Allow the map of this extraordinary adventure to lead you through an immersive experience, creating lasting memories in your heart. Strap on your boots, follow the trail, and witness the enchantment of Manaslu unfold, ensuring an adventure that will last a lifetime.

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