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Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek

Trip code
Package name Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek
Duration 20
Max. elevation 4748 m
Level Difficult
Transportation <p>Private cars, public buses, or Tourist Bus<br></p>

Teahouse Lodge and Camping in a Tent

Trip route Pokhara-Beni-Dhaulagiri South Base Camp-phedi-Ghasa-Pokhara
Cost USD 2,450 per person



Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek

Adventure One trek presents an adventure around the hidden pockets of the Mid-Western Himalayas, ‘Mount Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking’. A fresh new destination that all trekkers and adventurers can enjoy. The walk leads you to the complete mountain wilderness in the shade of the mighty Mount Dhaulagiri. An ideal and perfect adventure for those searching for a completely tranquil environment around the Nepal Himalayas

Mount Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking will fulfill your dreams into reality, standing in front of the world's 7th highest Mount Dhaulagiri. Where the walk leads to serene natural surroundings on high hills covered in dense pine and rhododendron forest. The walk takes you from the low sub-tropical farm areas of the Magdi district through the big town of Beni. The trail follows to cooler hills and then to an arctic zone filled with remorseless fields of ice and glaciers. On reaching the scenic Dhaulagiri Sanctuary and at the highest point of the trekking.

Enjoy the ambiance of the cool, refreshing, Himalayan air overlooking the jaw-dropping scenery of dramatic rolling green hills and snow peaks.

An adventure on off-the-beaten trails, away from main trails and human habitation for some days. Within the harmony of staggering giant peaks of  Mount Dhaulagiri Himalaya range, facing arrays of peaks. Includes views of Nilgiri and Annapurna Himalayas towards North East direction from the vantage view-points at Dhaulagiri Sanctuary.

Certainly, a mind-blowing experience on this awesome Mount Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking, standing on top of high scenic ridges. The return route leads to an alternative trail heading back into lovely woods downhill reaching Lete and Ghasa. Located near the Kaligandaki River gorge, sandwiched between towering Mount Dhaulagiri and Mount Annapurna, it makes it into the world's deepest gorge. A great walk downhill facing ever-present lovely scenic views of towering giant snow-clad peaks. Reaching back into human settlements at Ghasa for the last final overnight of the glorious wonderful adventure. From Ghasa an exciting drive brings you to a beautiful city in Pokhara by its serene Phewa Lake. After a marvelous and overwhelming experience on Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking with the grand services of Adventure One.

Accommodation at Dhaulagiri Trekking

Accommodation will be provided with tourist-friendly hotels and lodges in the trial of the Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking. They also provide you with Luxury hotels and tea houses that suit your budget. In the tourism Sector, the Facilities in the Hotel and lodge can find Luxury and deluxe hotels. Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek is possible to do in Teahouse Trek after that Accommodation is impossible while you are heading Up to the base Camp of Dhaulagiri. But whereas we find a teahouse lodge, most of the teahouses are built and well managed by the Local people.  Dhaulagiri Sanctuary package trek provided accommodation and basic facilities for the trekkers. Trek is completed with proper acclimatization and rest and viewing of some picturesque green villages and their unique tradition and culture

Camping Accommodation in Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trek 

Camping Accommodation at Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is followed by the Trekking group and climbing group. Generally, the people who plan to Trek to Dhaulagiri Circuit or climb some other peaks need camping. There is no availability of Teahouses on the base camp of Dhaulagiri, Tukuche Peak, and Dhampus Peak. If every spot had a teahouse Lodge, it would be an easy and more comfortable stay but sadly there is not. So, the trek will be physically difficult and more expensive.

Cost for Dhaulagiri Trek

Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trekking Cost depends on your stay in the City and the Himalayan Range. Normally, trekking costs begin from $2200/- per person in 2024 and 2025 and could go beyond your needs.  If you want a cheaper price for Trekking to Dhaulagiri, we can customize a different Itinerary for you.

Dhaulagiri Base Camp Trek Route

The Dhaulagiri Sanctuary route is normal but you have to go through slopes and steep. So you need to prepare your mindset in trekking as the mountain is uphill and downhill. The Dhaulagiri sanctuary route starts from Pokhara and heads to Beni, Todke Dada, Sunga Thala, Dhaulagiri South Base Camp-Phedi, Bhaisikharka, Lete/Ghasa, Tatopani, and back to Pokhara.

The difficulty of Dhaulagiri Trekking

This Dhaulagiri Sanctuary Trekking is considered to be moderate to strenuous Trekking in Nepal and hence trekkers need good physical endurance to walk for about seven/eight hours every day. This Trek is also short and sweet for adventure activities. Dhaulagiri sanctuary trek heading to Southside has an elevation of 4050m.

Best Season for Dhaulagiri Trekking

Normally, trekking is automatically challenging. Mid of September to the End of November and the beginning of March to till may late then this will be the monsoon season starts then will be more probability of landslides and in the autumn season, there will be thick Snowing and chances of Avalanches. Autumn and spring are considered trekking seasons in Nepal. Trekking in summer and winter will be difficult because of continuous rain and high wind speeds.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

On arrival at Kathmandu, Nepal International Airport was well received by our guide and staff with traditional welcome greetings. Then a short drive to your hotel, located in the heart of the city. Accommodation in one of the best 5-star deluxe hotels. Check into your lovely rooms, after resting and getting refreshed from the Jet-Lag. Walk down to the hotel lobby to join other trekking members for a group briefing. Your guide or Group Leader provides useful information regarding the trek, hotels, and local lodges on route walks. 

Evening a group welcome dinner in authentic Nepali Restaurants. 

Entertains you with a Nepalese folk cultural program, an introduction to Nepalese heritage and culture while you enjoy the meals. 

Day 2 : Tour of Kathmandu heritage sites of great interest.

Another day in Kathmandu for familiarization with local Nepalese cultures and historical background. The morning after breakfast, our city / cultural guide will take you for a short drive in the heart of Kathmandu city. 

Kathmandu’s places are steeped with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the old Durbar Square / Palace Courtyard. After an interesting tour of old Durbar Square, a short drive to Nepal’s famous landmark. The Swayambhunath Stupa of more than 2,500 years of history.  A Buddhist monument stands on a hilltop west of Kathmandu city, from here visit Pashupatinath. The holy Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva, one of the most revered sacred sites, the tour continues to Bouddhanath Stupa, also called ‘Little Tibet’. A great place houses the world’s largest Stupa with the seeing eyes of Lord Buddha.

After an exciting tour, back to the hotel rest of the afternoon preparing for the Dhaulagiri Sanctuary trek. 

Day 3 : Drive or fly to Pokhara (30 min) - 6 hrs.

An early morning overland journey of 6 hours to scenic Pokhara city, an abbot of serene Phewa and Begnas Lakes. Interesting drive to Nepal Mid-West past lovely farm villages and towns then reaching Pokhara by the beautiful Phewa lakeside.

Where most good hotels are located, with time for a short walk in the afternoon around Phewa Lake that reflects the view of the high Annapurna Himalaya.

Day 4 : Drive to Beni Bazaar 970 m and trek to Jamuna Kharka 1,350 m. 3-hour drive and 3 hour’s walk. Overnight in Tented Camp.

On leaving Pokhara, for another interesting drive of a few hours to west Nepal at Beni. The headquarters town of Mygdi district is at the starting point of our adventurous trek. The walk begins after getting fully organized, where our guide and porters take care of the baggage and camping equipment. Follow our expert guide through the exciting Beni Bazaar, situated west of Pokhara approx. 80 km driving distance. As the walk progresses leaving behind the large town of Beni, heading uphill above the town. 

An hour’s climb to reach a high ridge facing views of Beni town, as the trail follows past a Hindu temple. Having a few short refreshing breaks as the air gets cooler, reaching high hills and a small farm village. Where our overnight camp is set, having time to enjoy the surrounding views before dinner in the camp.

Day 5 : Trek to Todke Danda / Ridge 2,475 m- 08 hrs.

Enjoy the first camping breakfast served by our kitchen department, and then be ready for a long day’s walk. The route follows to a high ridge, after a few hours of good walks, then reaches small farm areas. The trail follows through the villages of Basket, Jagannath, and Tori Pari, enjoying observing the local Nepalese farm activities.

The villages around are mainly populated by Magar people, one of the main hill tribes of Western Nepal. The walk continues with a climb to Kot Danda a ridge, covered in a lovely forest of pines, oaks, and rhododendron trees. Overlooking views of snow peaks, after a short climb to Todke Danda / Ridge.

From the top magnificent views of the snow mountain range facing Mount Dhaulagiri, Tukuche, and Mana Pathi in the north-west. Includes views of Nilgiris and Annapurna Fang  Vara Shikar towards the north.

At Todoke Danda enjoy the comfort of a nice guest house. The last lodge of the adventure before reaching the Lete and Ghasa villages. 

Day 6 : Trek to Rayakhor 2,195 m- 07 hrs.

Enjoy the morning downhill walks on stone paved steps for a short while and then enter the lovely forest. Walk through dense rhododendrons, oaks, pine, magnolia, and fir within dense tree lines with lush vegetation of giant ferns. 

The trail leads past meadows and summer pastures with temporary shelters for cattle herders, as the walk reaches Pakhapani farm village. Enjoy the wonderful views of cascading waterfalls, then cross a few streams, and the day finally ends with a short steep climb. Following the ridgeline to Rayakhor village for overnight camp facing Mount. Dhaulagiri and adjoining peaks.

Day 7 : Trek to Chhari 2,446 m-06 hrs.

From Raykhor’s small village, the morning starts with a descent to Patel Pani, a small farm village. The trail follows to cross Rahu Khola, then reach Ghyasi Kharka, a settlement with few huts. These areas are mostly inhabited by an indigenous small tribe called Chhantyal. In the early days, they were brought from lower warm areas of India and Nepal Terai as laborers for copper mining. Since copper mining was closed, these people settled as farmers, one of the few almost extinct tribes of Nepal.

The trek continues following the Rahu River then reaching a level field where the small village of Chhari is located. Our overnight camp is set, around this temporary settlement used for harvesting Yarsagumba a high-altitude herb. A precious medicinal herb, also known as botanical gold.

A cure for various diseases, the locals search and collect to make a sustainable living from this special fungus. 

Day 8 : Trek to Sunga Thala 2,775 m-06 hrs.

After Chhari, the adventure leads on the path to cross again Rahu Khola, the walk leads uphill over a rocky cliff. Then reaching into a forest path of pines, firs, and birch, as the climb gets steeper. Slowly the hard day walks end reaching Sunga Thala, close to a beautiful waterfall. Overnight camp is set facing views of dramatic scenery with rolling green hills and snow peaks.

Day 9 : Trek to Kali Barah Dovan 3, 470 m-05 hrs.

The morning starts on leaving Sunga Thala, as the walk leads to a slow steep climb through small bamboo thickets. The route leads up to an overhanging cave, a safe shelter often used by Yarsagumba herb collectors. 

Having a refreshing break walk proceeds to Dovan close to Rahu Khola and then completes the day to Kali Barah Dovan. Our overnight camp is close to the route 

Mount Dhaulagiri South East Base Camp, and the sanctuary. 

Day 10 : Trek to Dhaulagiri South East Base Camp 3,810 m-04 hrs.

Today a short walk, on leaving Kali Barah Dovan climbs beyond tree lines heading towards mountain wilderness of glacial terrain. Altitude gains slowly climb up towards our final destination at Dhaulagiri South East Base Camp.

At present known as Dhaulagiri Sanctuary, a small glacial area and a glaciated field full of snow, moraines, and ice.

Day 11 : Rest day to explore the undisturbed wilderness.

A leisurely rest day to enjoy a short hike and explore the beautiful scenic surroundings. From the camp climb towards a high ridge with a small plateau, where few mountaineers often set their camps. 

A fascinating panorama of Mount Dhaulagiri Himalaya range, and as far towards Nilgiri and Annapurna Himalayan peaks.

Day 12 : Trek to Phedi / Bheda Kharka 2,970 m - 07 hrs.

On completing our major highlight and destinations returned to our journey downhill into the forest. The trail leads on the same route for a few hours to Sunga Thala and then our route diverts to Phedi. Which is also known as Bheda Kharka, a cattle herder temporary settlement. A long day trek, but on the downhill with few short ups to reach Phedi or Bheda Kharka for overnight camp. 

Day 13 : Trek to Pairo Kharka 3,310 m- 06 hrs.

Trek to Pairo Kharka 3,310 m- 06 hrs.The walk today heads to Pairo Kharka, an interesting and exciting place for an overnight stop. A place of early landslide areas, but safe at present. 

This section of the mountains and hills is prone to rock falls sometimes, especially during the monsoon wet season.

Day 14 : Trek to Seti Baraha 4,100 m. 4 hrs.

Walk today will be much shorter to Seti Baraha, a place with a small glacial pond.

Morning leads to a steep climb heading towards higher ridges, which are the highest overnight camps of the adventure. The trail traverses over Gauda Kharka, a small pass below 4,000 m. As the walk continues to steep descent reaching our overnight camp at Seti Baraha, a place with a small glacial pond.

The word Seti means white, as the pond remains frozen in ice during most of the year round. Overnight camp is set by the pond, facing grand views of snow-clad peaks. 

Day 15 : Day 15: Trek to Bhaise Kharka 2,215 m-05 hrs.

After continuous climbing for several days, the walk today is quite easy on a moderate, gradual downhill path through dense forest. Enjoy the day taking photos before leaving the campsite, a great spot amidst tranquil surroundings. 

Walk further down with a slow short uphill, with more descent, overlooking the beautiful scenery of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayas. Finally, end the day reaching a small isolated area amidst lovely forest surrounding for the last overnight at Bhaise Kharka.

Day 16 : Trek to Lete village 2,440 m and end walk at Ghasa village 2,315 m. and Drive to Pokhara 860 m - 05 hrs.

Last and final day of the adventurous walks, today’s walk leads back into human settlements and villages back to civilization. Where Ghasa and Lete villages are located close to the main motorable road. 

The walk heads downhill reaching Kaligandaki River valley close to Kaligandaki River. Located in between the giant peaks of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountains, which form the world’s deepest gorge. On clear day views of Nilgiris, Annapurna Fang / Vara Shikar and Annapurna-I can be seen on walks.

After a pleasant downhill reach Late and then towards a nice Thakali village of Ghasa, in the comfort of a nice lovely lodge. Ghasa is the last village of the Mustang district amidst beautiful forest surroundings.

The drive follows the Kaligandaki River heading to low warm paddy farm areas and villages past Tatopani. A village with natural hot springs, as the drive continues reaching close to Beni and Baglung town. Finally reaching the main Beni and Pokhara Highway, as drive leads on a smooth road to Pokhara for an overnight stop.

The drive follows the Kaligandaki River heading to low warm paddy farm areas and villages past Tatopani. A village with natural hot springs, as the drive continues reaching close to Beni and Baglung town. Finally reaching the main Beni and Pokhara Highway, as drive leads on a smooth road to Pokhara for an overnight stop.

Day 17 : Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu-06 hrs.

An early-morning trip from Pokhara to Kathmandu took an overland journey of about six hours. An interesting drive on Pokhara and Kathmandu highways, following the Trisuli River for some hours. As the drive heads uphill and then down towards Kathmandu’s bustling city. On arrival transfer to your hotel, and rest of the afternoon at leisure.

Day 18 : International departure for homeward bound.

On your last day in Kathmandu and Nepal, as per your international flight time, our staff transfer you to the airport. Then bid farewell to the guide and staff as you enter the airport terminal for a homeward-bound flight, after a memorable adventure.


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